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These etudes have been adapted from compositions by Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901), Gioacchino Rossini (1792-1869) and Apollon Marie-Rose Barret (1804-1879). They were selected and edited for their musical quality as well as their technical level to allow students sufficient time to progress in a slow and systematic manner.

This text will help fill the need for appropriate study material between many excellent beginning methods written for these instruments and the more advanced studies such as the Rose etudes.

These studies have been carefully selected because they illustrate various problems in rhythm, phrasing and articulation at the intermediate level. Close attention to detail will help the student develop advanced taste, style, phrasing and musical sensitivity.

These etudes are also excellent sight-reading material.

Included in this text are long tone exercises, a written version of the major scales, tonic arpeggios, chromatic scales and scales in thirds through four sharps and four flats.

It is suggested that all practice periods begin with long tone exercises, followed by scales, scales in thirds, chromatic scales and concluding with the melodic etudes. This order of practice will yield the best results.

Remember to always play with a FULL TONE and listen to each part of the tone; the beginning, the middle and the end. Developing style and musical sensitivity takes time to develop. Always be patient with your effort.

A highly recommended companion to this text is Expression in Music by H. A. VanderCook, Rubank, Inc.

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